About Us

Growing up in a Hispanic culture, coffee was a staple beverage in most circumstances calling for togetherness, family, conversations and even business.  I can remember at a young age seeing my grandparents brew this intense deep black liquid on the stove that just made the whole house come alive with this toasty comforting smell of espresso type coffee.

My first taste at the age of 10 years old, with a little sugar of course to persuade my young taste buds, will forever remain imprinted on my memory.  Anytime coffee was served, people, laughter and a warm atmosphere was always present.  Coffee time was never a rushed or a “power hour time” growing up, so my love of coffee brings many fond memories.

Ironically, although I had such great memories and loved the sweet dark velvety smooth with a hint of bitterness taste of coffee early on, coffee was just an occasional indulgence I had , even late into my thirties.  For some reason I only started to really reconnected with coffee and tea just before turning 40.

Until one day, I  happened to be in New York City and stopped by an artisan coffee shop and asked the barista for some “fantastic coffee”, he asked “do you like light or dark”, I said “dark and rich like my Dominican grandparents used to make”. The barista came back with what I now call my coffee turning point. Was it the brewing method, the beans, the roast, I do not remember, I just remember that coffee from that point forward became a regular part of my life.

I love coffee for it’s smell, the taste, the bitterness, the richness or the smoothness based on my mood.  Caffeine is secondary but a nice touch. So I created this blog to share my little corner of happiness around coffee.  I want to share my exploration of coffee, coffee technology, brewing methods, etc… and more importantly how it brings people, friends, family together and opens up channels of communication.

And I didn’t forget tea!   I will share my journey with tea as well (my passion for it has it’s own origin  story, stay tuned in a future post) for it acts to provide balance in my life.

Thank you for tuning in.